Bing’s Paid Search Activity on the Rise

Bing LogoMicrosoft’s search engine,, has recently seen an increase in the amount of activity that they receive through their paid search management program. The overall market for paid search has increased by 5.8% year-over-year in the third quarter, as the interest in paid search advertisements continues to grow and businesses focus more of their efforts towards online marketing. This increase has been visible in the last 4 months, as activity for paid search has steadily increased for each of the popular search engines.

The Bing/Yahoo Merge

But one of the most noticeable increases for all of the search engines has been’s. Bing has posted a 21% increase in spending for their paid search management from last year’s numbers. They have posted a 6.4% increase in the third quarter alone. Experts have concluded that this gain was a result of Bing’s conglomeration with Yahoo and their name’s rising popularity in the media. The merger however, has brought decreasing numbers for Bing’s partner Yahoo, which posted a 10% decline in the amount of money businesses spend in paid search for the third quarter. Their paid search momentum is dropping exponentially. In the second quarter, their search spend dropped 2%, from 15.4% to 13.4%.

This transfer of energy could end up bringing Bing into the number two position under Google, which will be a noteworthy shift in the major search engine popularity race. This could bring added attention to Bing, but it could also leave businesses rearranging their resources for their pay-per-click management campaigns. If Bing’s popularity continues to grow, companies all over the world will have to compensate this change by spending more money to ensure that they receive sponsored ads on Bing’s paid search. Accommodating this change is the best way to keep your paid search program successful, because you will be giving your paid search ads more opportunities to bring people to your site from search engines.

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