Women vs. Men in the Digital Marketing World

gender bias

When you think “marketing,” you probably think “men” – but why? I recently came across an article that was pretty interesting, titled “Gender Bias in Online Marketing” by Larry Kim (founder of WordStream). In the article, Kim did some research to explore the idea of a gender gap in the digital marketing world.


He referenced a salary survey done by Moz, which shows that the average American online marketer’s salary is $65,766. By gender, the average salary is $68,785 for men and $57,438 for women. So why do men make over $10,000 more than women in this industry? Maybe it’s because men have more experience on average. In the next survey, there are more females than males in the “less than 1 year” and “1-2 years” experience categories, but everything after that (3+ years) is dominated by males.


But then Kim dove into a survey of “client service representative” satisfaction among WordStream’s clients. On a scale of 1-4, the average rating was 3.11, but the strange thing is – in a mix of five male representatives and four female representatives, not a single female reached the average. In fact, they scored anywhere from 2.8 to 2.6.

So that makes you think – maybe women really aren’t that good at digital marketing.


AdWords accounts…

Kim did some more research using AdWords accounts managed by men and accounts managed by women. His theory was that if men are better at digital marketing, the accounts they manage would be more successful than the women’s accounts. What he found, however, is surprising – the accounts managed by women are actually more successful than ones managed by men.

So what does this mean? Are women better at managing things than men? Or maybe they just work harder since they’re not considered equal…

To add to that latter theory: When the client representative surveys were reexamined, Kim found that it was female clients who rated female representatives lower than males. So in other words, women don’t even like women in the digital marketing world.


After all of his surveys, Kim concluded that women are undervalued in the digtal marketing world by 21% and asks questions like, “Can we do better when it comes to hiring?” and “Can industry leaders nurture women within their companies?” in order to possibly fix this issue.

What do you think about all of this? Do you think women are worse than men when it comes to digital marketing success? Or do you think it’s simply a matter of being undervalued?

To read Kim’s full article, click here.

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