Will Virtual Reality Change the World of Digital Marketing?

While it still seems a pretty futuristic (at least to us), virtual reality is on the rise and is changing the way people view their world. This type of technology is poised to have a big impact on the healthcare, entertainment, automotive, and education industries – but what about the digital marketing industry? Will a virtual world affect the digital world? We think so…

Because virtual reality opens the door to a completely new world, marketers can easily take advantage of the technology as an advertising tool; they can use VR goggles to put their customers in specific situations that showcase their product or service. Once the customers understand how the product or service could benefit their lives, they’ll be more inclined to make a purchase.

For example, according to Forbes, aerospace company Gulfstream took advantage of this opportunity at the National Business Aviation Association conference in Las Vegas last year. They handed out custom VR goggles to those who attended and once they put on their goggles, they were taken on a tour of the company’s latest G650 jet. This allowed the potential customers to experience what it would be like to own a G650 instead of just showing them photos of the jet or offering statistics about it.

In addition, virtual reality can give companies a completely new method of experimental marketing. If the success of a business’s digital efforts have been on the downfall, they can turn to virtual reality as an entirely new way to reach people. This gives them two different options to work with and even more opportunities for real-time data collection. If the virtual reality campaign doesn’t work, they can turn back to digital and create a better campaign. And if it does, they can continue their efforts.

Speaking of interacting with people, the realness of virtual reality will also be able to improve any industry’s engagement with their customers. By giving customers a unique connection to a brand, companies can improve their engagement and ultimately, drive better sales.

Are you looking forward to the world of virtual reality? Why or why not?

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