Video Advertising Continues to Gain Ground

video advertisingVideo advertising is an extremely effective online marketing method because it clearly communicates your message and reinforces your branding efforts. When your business uses videos to connect with your potential prospects, you eliminate any confusion and you can perfectly clear about your intentions, since videos provide your prospects with both audio and video assurance. Businesses use videos to engage their customers, capture their attention and generate excitement.

More Video Advertising, Better ROI

A lot of businesses are capitalizing on the opportunities that can be generated from video marketing in the online forum because it’s a very effective way to persuade potential customers. According to a study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 69% of marketers and 55% of the agencies surveyed are interested in increasing the amount of money they spend on video advertising by 17%. That’s a 22% growth forecast for the next 12 months. Businesses are expected to transfer a portion of the funds that they spend on television advertising to using video marketing tactics online because it has a high response rate and a more profitable ROI.

Businesses are choosing to invest more of their marketing budgets into video marketing because it delivers results. Your audience will respond better to video marketing tactics because it’s easier for them to learn about your business. Videos also have a higher engagement rate because it’s easier to capture potential prospects with videos rather than large sections of text and images. Not to mention, when you implement video advertising tactics into your digital marketing campaign, you can track their success with analytics tools and special links. This way, you can monitor which videos are bringing in the most results.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, try implementing video marketing into your online itinerary. If your videos present your users with exciting content that really get them excited about your business, your sales are sure to improve significantly. Prager can help you get your video marketing campaign started. Contact our digital marketing agency for more information.

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