Using Augmented Reality to Market Your Business

Augmented RealityAugmented reality is a state-of-the-art function that a lot of smartphone application developers are using to create exciting experiences for users. These applications use the cameras and GPS technology that are built into smartphones to show users specialized locations that are geographically close by. These applications can show the name of a designated location, the direction the location is in and how far away the location is. This type of technology has been used in games, promoting feature films, finding where you parked your car, playing golf, skiing, and even providing users with a history lesson of locations that are part of tours. But now, businesses with locations can use augmented reality to market themselves to local customers.

Augmented Reality Apps

Popular augmented reality applications, like Yelp, Layar, Wikitude and Cyclopedia allow you to add locations that can be viewed by other users. Downloading the most common augmented reality applications and adding your physical location to their map would make your business visible to users that are in the area. Using this advanced type of technology could entice users in the area to visit your location, to see what your business is all about. It’s a great way to show users that you’re doing everything possible to impress them because you’re interested in attracting their business. It tells users that your business is committed to staying on the cutting-edge of development and using advanced technology to catch their attention.

For optimal results, make sure that your business is represented on the maps of the most popular augmented reality apps. You’re going to want to do this yourself, before your customers add you because you’re going to want to input a name for your business that matches your branding efforts.

For example:

If your business is called “Ray’s Family Restaurant” and you’re marketing yourself as just “Ray’s,” you are going to want to make sure that your location on popular augmented reality applications matches that.

Augmented reality could be a very effective way of marketing your business to your local customers, if you have a physical location. It can be used to increase the sales proficiency of all of your locations because it lets users know where they can find your products and services. It literally puts your location on the map, for all to see.

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