TwellowSometimes, all you need is 140 characters to promote your business. For those of you who agree, you are going to love Twellow. Twellow infuses Twitter with Yellow Pages to provide users with information quickly. Users have the choice of searching through traditional keyword query methods or exploring listings through categorized subsections that are featured on the homepage of the site. It has everything from classified listings to political opinions. Twellow will then search Twitter and generate a list of tweets and user profiles that are relevant to the keywords you chose or the category you selected.

Twellow gives you the ability to search the entire Twitter network in an instant so that you can find people that are interested in the same things you are. You can search trend topics, keywords and usernames to get up-to-date social information on anything. It’s Twitter’s concentrated social search that allows people to connect with each other about common interests in a more direct manner. However, the potential for this type of technology could extend way past simply connecting user to user. Twellow could be considered a tool that helps you market your business through Twitter.

Marketing with Twellow

Consider the possibilities of users being able to search through Twitter for the exact information they are looking for. Now consider the marketing opportunities that can result from taking advantage of users searching via Twellow. If you optimize your tweets and include keywords that you think users will be searching for in Twellow, you could increase the amount of exposure that your business receives through its social media marketing campaign. Twellow is very similar to an online directory, but it works exclusively through tweets. Our digital marketing firm knows that using keywords while tweeting could help you attract new potential customers and could increase the profitability of your business.

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