The Post Office’s Effect on Marketing

Us Post OfficeThe current status of the United States Post Office has been called into question. With the increased cost of postage, the closing of post office locations nationwide and the potential decrease of service days, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the U.S. Post Office might be one of those big names that might not be able to endure the recession. Since consumers are depending on the Internet more to correspond with friends and family or pay bills, there hasn’t been a lot of mail going through the postal system. This decline could lead to a dramatic shift in the way businesses market themselves.

The Potential Problem:

If the Post Office seizes operations, businesses all over the country that depend on print marketing tactics will have to find another way to reach potential customers. This will eliminate a huge portion of print marketing because businesses will no longer have the ability to spread their sales message to the masses by mailing materials randomly to people.

Businesses will have to look for other avenues to promote themselves, which means more businesses will be targeting their efforts towards expanding their web presence. This form of advertising is going to become significantly more popular, because businesses will have additional resources in their marketing budgets that they are going to want to invest in other mediums, if print marketing’s abilities become severely limited by the U.S. Post Office closing.

The Solution:

The best way to approach this situation is to be proactive about it. Start to build your online presence before the inevitable happens so that you can have a head start over your competition. Put more effort towards optimizing your website for keywords that are specific to your industry, so that you can establish rankings before other businesses in your industry are forced to.

At Prager, we can help you build a noteworthy web presence that will get your business the online attention that it deserves. Contact our digital marketing firm today and speak to one of our qualified specialists. They will get you on the right path to capturing your online market and increasing the potential of your business.

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