The Perks of Offering Online-Only Coupons

DollarPromotional pricing for your products or services doesn’t only benefit your potential prospects, it can also benefit the effectiveness of your advertising campaign, if you use it properly. Our Internet marketing firm knows that special promotions, like coupons, can give you a chance to measure how proficient certain elements of your marketing campaign are working. All you have to do is use your promotions carefully and you can give yourself valuable insight about your potential market.

Promotional coupons are especially effective at measuring the success of your online marketing campaign because analytics can be used to monitor things like how many times your coupon was downloaded, if your coupon made the general traffic to your site increase, or if your coupon improved your sales. But if you really want specific answers to the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign, try offering an “Online Only” coupon.

How to Get Started

If you are going to implement this type of tactic, you are going to need to do a couple of things beforehand. First of all, you are going to have to think about where and how your customers are going to use your coupon (will they use it at one of your physical locations or will they be using it at your E-commerce site, via a coupon code?). If you are going to design a coupon that is used at a physical location and you want to keep record of the success of your online marketing campaign, you need to include something on the design of the coupon that distinguishes it as your “Online Only” coupon. This could be anything from a different layout to a code at the bottom of the coupon. Also, you are going to have to make sure your sales staff keeps the coupons that are used and either attaches them to a copy of each receipt for the purchase that the coupons were used for or writes the sales total on the coupon and files it according to date. This will give you the ability to monitor exactly how much money your coupon campaign has generated.

If you decide to use a coupon code for your site, monitoring the success of this promotion is a little easier, because most E-commerce sites will give you the ability to record and archive each of your sales, so you can not only see if the coupon code was used, but how much of a purchase the coupon code was used for. Keeping track of coupon codes tends to be a more “set it and forget it” tactic, but the information that you can receive from using them will definitely give your business the information it needs to determine how well your online marketing campaign is doing.

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