The Elements of a Good Business Logo

A logo is one of the most important visual elements of your business – it’s what can make you instantly recognizable to anyone, in any place. But a logo can’t just be anything – it has to be something eye-catching and memorable. As any reputable digital marketing company knows, it should also have these things:


A simple logo is one that anyone can easily remember – one that you would recognize if it flashed in front of you for a second. If it has font, the font is readable; the colors are clean and the shape is clear. A great example is the Nike logo – a simple “checkmark” that everyone can immediately tie to an athletic corporation.


You know your logo is flexible when it can be recognized in black and white (and any printed color besides the original). You should also be able to read it when it’s shrunk down to a small size or blown up to a large size. Your logo should also look good when printed in reverse (meaning the logo is light and the background is dark).


A good logo doesn’t go “out of style” – it’s one that can stay relevant for decades. If you’re trying to decide on a logo for your company, don’t think about what’s trending right now. Think about how you can make it “classic” (like the Coca Cola logo which has been around since 1885).


Think about your target audience before you create your logo. This way, you can make it relevant and appropriate for your business. If your audience is mainly women, you may not want to use something “manly” like a football. A good example is the Toys “R” Us logo – it has a backwards “R” because they sell products for children.

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