Push vs. Pull Marketing

push vs pull marketing

When businesses think “marketing,” many think of traditional advertising methods like billboards, newspaper ads, radio segments, television commercials, etc. While these may have been effective in the past, today’s technology has created a digital marketing world that allows you to implement more “pull marketing” tactics for your business.

Push Marketing

If you’ve ever heard the term “push marketing,” you can probably guess what it means. Marketers use push marketing to try to “push” their business’s brand onto people who may not really be interested in it. This can sum up the old methods of billboards, magazines, etc. (Think about the people who stand on the city corner and hand out flyers to every person that walks by.)

Pull Marketing

“Pull marketing,” on the other hand, include techniques that attract the attention of people who have already shown an interest in your business. These techniques are usually digital and include things like search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media, email marketing, etc.

This type of marketing is more cost effective and less complicated, because it eliminates the process of sorting out which consumers are interested in your business. Instead of trying to advertise to a select few people out of a large quantity, it allows your digital marketing efforts to be directed towards people who are very interested in your business. If you want to make the most out of your marketing dollars, implement more Pull Marketing techniques into your campaign. You will be satisfied with the results.

Push vs. Pull

So which should you use when it comes to promoting your business? The short answer is pull – you should be creating a credible brand online and targeting a specific audience. If you resort to push marketing and reach 100 people, only a small percentage of those people will actually be interested in your business. If you use pull marketing and reach 100 people, however, a larger percentage will convert because they were already interested in what you do. Also, you’ll experience less competition in pull marketing, since you’re only competing with others in your industry instead of any business on the radio or television.

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