Print Marketing Struggles as Online Marketing Increases

Rising 3d GraphCredible sources have predicted that for the first time in history, businesses will spend more money on online advertising in 2010 than they will on print marketing. Online marketing and advertising is quickly becoming the preferred medium for a variety of businesses, because it is less expensive, more effective, and extremely resourceful.

With the increasing popularity of social media and ever growing amount of opportunity to launch ad campaigns online, it isn’t too out of line to think that online advertising will eventually take over as primary means for marketing a business.

Marketing Money Breakdown:

What businesses spend on marketing and advertising in 2010 is expected to increase by 1.2% to $368 billion overall. It has been forecasted that businesses will spend at least $119.6 billion on online marketing campaigns. That covers everything from search engine optimization to online webinars. Print advertising, like newspaper ads, mail outs and magazine ads however will only receive about $111.5 billion. $9.4 billion of that is expected to go into magazine advertising alone, which is a 1.9% increase from last year. This change in spending is perceived to be because the effectiveness of online marketing and advertising is much higher than print. The end of the recession is also thought to play a part in this, because businesses are deciding to spread their resources out a little bit more towards advertising tools that are streamlined for more concentrated results.

As our society becomes more technology driven, our marketing tactics will have to evolve to stay relevant and that evolution process starts with the reassignment of marketing and advertising resources. With that being said, will your business stay ahead of the curve by focusing on online marketing and advertising or will waste its resources and continue to spend on low performance tactics like print marketing?

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