Mobile Efforts for Branding, Not Sales

mobile marketingMobile devices have become incredibly popular and have redefined the way we surf the Internet, connect with friends and family, purchase products, and more. With such an increase in mobile, businesses have incorporated it as a large part of their marketing strategies – but not for sales… for branding.

Most people think that mobile strategies are to put in place to try and sell more products or services, but according to a study by marketing firm EPiServer, businesses are using their mobile strategies to increase brand loyalty instead.

The Benefit of Mobile

Customers and potential customers who discover a company’s mobile appeal are encouraged to follow them and create a connection, which builds a great audience for the company. According to EPiServer, 46% of retailers who have a mobile strategy (and three-quarters of retailers who are planning to have a mobile strategy in the next year) are using mobile to provide a more personalized experience for consumers.

And when it comes to sales, only 22% of businesses said that mobile purchases accounted for more than 20% of their sales. Most businesses (60% to be exact) said that less than one-fifth of their sales were through mobile and 35% of businesses said they’ll focus more of their resources on mobile efforts.

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