Marketing Online Expected to Increase in 2010

Glasses on ComputerA recent poll conducted with over 1,000 marketers across the nation has revealed that it is becoming normal for business to wean their resources away from traditional marketing mediums like radio, TV and print and concentrating those funds on more advanced online marketing solutions. This trend is expected to rise by 17% in 2010. Marketers are making this transition because with digital marketing, you gain the ability to track increases in advertisement traffic and online sales, which will give you a more accurate return on investment. Digital marketing is also expected to increase brand reputation for marketers as a byproduct of the increased attention for advertising on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. 70% of the survey’s respondents stated that they will increase their spending for off-site digital marketing, which includes advertising on social media sites.

2010 is forecasted to be a significant year in the history of online marketing. Our Internet marketing firm has seen its steady increase in popularity and it’s is expected to continue gaining momentum and 28% of marketers are planning to adjust their marketing budgets to include more resources for online marketing solutions. 64% of businesses surveyed are interested in increasing their budgets for search engine optimization in 2010 and 56% of businesses are looking to add additional resources to their mobile marketing campaigns. 54% of businesses want to increase what they spend on email marketing each year and 51% want to put more effort into their sponsored advertising for popular search engines.

A fact that stands out the most, which was a result of this survey, was that 41% of businesses are planning to decrease the amount of money they spend each year on radio marketing and print in 2010. This a just a hint of what’s to come, as the online marketing industry begins to step out of the shadow of traditional marketing techniques and into the spotlight of marketing admiration. When you consider the shift of resources being accepted almost universally, it becomes more and more impossible to recognize the actual power that digital media is accumulating. If these trends continue, it’s very possible that we might see the end of traditional advertising like print, radio and television advertising all together.

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