Local B2B is Taking Over Online Marketing

B2BCurrent trends in the online marketing industry reflect the increased popularity of advertising tactics designed to promote local B2C sales transactions. This means that businesses are trying to get customers to their actual physical location. By using things like Google Places listings, augmented reality, local business consumer forums, and other tactics to draw in more “walking traffic” businesses can improve the profits they receive from direct customer transactions.

The success of physical locations and the amount of local customers they attract is becoming very important for businesses because businesses are starting to realize that there is strong potential for local markets. But when the marketing world sees an increase in a particular medium (for example: more digital marketing efforts that are targeted to B2C conversions), B2B trends aren’t usually far behind.

How to Use B2B Tactics

B2B marketing tactics for local businesses can be easier than you think. Let’s say for instance you own a coffee shop. You could target your marketing efforts to consumers individually or you could fortify your efforts by targeting a group of consumers that work at a nearby business. Instead of hoping that your promotions reach the people around you through the mass-marketing tactics you have implemented, offer the business that they work for promotional pricing for your products that will get their employees interested in checking out your company. Using this type of focus is a way to market to a consumer that has pre-qualified themselves to be in your area on a regular basis.

This is just one example of how to use local B2B marketing transaction. For more information on how your business can market to other local businesses, contact Prager. Our digital marketing firm would be happy to help you get your B2B marketing campaign on the move.

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