Improve Your Marketing Strategy with Voice Analytics

voice analytics

Concrete metrics are a great addition to any marketing strategy; when you have access to factual data about your business, you can use it to evaluate your performance and make it more efficient. One of the solutions we offer, called “voice analytics,” adds an element to your marketing strategy that can improve your approach.

Voice Analytics

While web analytics can help you track the effectiveness of your website, voice analytics can help you track the effectiveness of your call system. Our solution is used to record any and all incoming and outgoing phone calls and gives you the opportunity to replay them back and monitor the conversations taking place. With access to your phone calls, you can assess which calls are successful and which need to be improved. We can implement our voice analytics program on any individual marketing effort you’re currently operating whether it’s your website, a radio advertisement, a print advertisement, or another campaign. This means you can track each voice analytics line to discover the number of calls that come in each day.

With information like this, you can tailor your marketing strategy based on which campaign is the most successful. You can also use it to evaluate your sales representatives and assess which individuals need to improve on their communication skills. In addition, these recorded calls are also a great tool for training new employees.

Voice Analytics and SEO

Because you can tie your business phone number to the phone number on your website, you can use voice analytics to evaluate your SEO efforts. You’ll be able to see which keywords you’ve chosen yield the most prospects and will know that 100% of calls to that phone line are a direct result of your SEO campaign. This is a great way to assess the relation between your keywords and your online advertisements, and can help you create a more accurate R.O.I. report.

With voice analytics, you can also eliminate impersonal website contact forms and instead, encourage a one-on-one interaction with potential clients.

Overall, voice analytics can help you devise a more proficient strategy that can increase your profits and eliminate any unnecessary spending. If you’re interested in beginning your very own campaign, contact us today. We’ll discuss the best plan for your business including specific voice lines and voice analytics pricing.

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