Got a Minute? Do Some Quick Marketing

quick marketingIt’s always good to have a solid, long-term marketing strategy in place, but there’s always time for quick marketing. These 10 marketing tactics only take a few minutes and can help you increase your exposure, engagement, and reputation:

1. Original Content

Instead of sharing a Facebook post or retweeting a tweet, create your own. Studies show that people are more likely to engage with an original post than with a shared one.

2. Call-to-Actions

Find out which page is the most visited on your website – then add a call-to-action. You’ll have a better chance of engaging people on a popular page than on a random page.

3. Current Events

Take to social media platforms and comment on a current event. You’ll get people not only talking about the news, but also interacting with your company and each other.

4. Event Hosting

Host a special event to get people involved and get your name out there. It could be a seminar, a workshop, or a networking opportunity (like ourĀ Beer & Business Networking Group!)

5. Headlines

Create a great headline. Take a minute to see what popular, trending headlines are like – then create your own for your next blog post or article.

6. “Thank-You”s

Post a quick, considerate “thank you” to your customers on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll not only take them by surprise, but you’ll up your sincerity.

7. Online Reviews

Email your customers and ask them for a review on Google+, Yelp, etc. It should only take them a minute and it’ll improve your online reputation.

8. Video Tour

Take a video tour of your office and the people in it. Then, post it on social media for your followers to enjoy and engage in.

9. Local Engagement

Swap print marketing items with other local businesses. You can display their brochures and business cards in your office and vice versa to gain exposure.

10. Limited Time Offers

Offer a “today only” special or discount and share the news on social media. You’ll give your customers a boost of urgency and excitement.

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