Google Places Listings is Common in Search Results

Google LogoGoogle Places can be great for businesses looking to increase their local customer base. It gives your business a chance to stand out in front of the standard search listings that are usually presented to users when they complete a search query. These local listings act as an online directory that automatically appears for keywords that indicate a user is looking for more locally-focused search results. It gives local business owners the opportunity to make themselves visible to a wide array of local consumers who are using the web to search. Even if you don’t have a website for your business, you can still input your contact information and reach a substantial amount of new prospects who use Google.

Google is also creating more opportunities for businesses by including them in more search engine results pages. This means businesses will be more visible to local consumers who are searching with Google. This type of marketing tactic could increase profitability for businesses looking to expand their sales opportunities for the physical locations.

Business who use Google Places to advertise need to be aware of the fact that these listings have the same functionality as any other search results listing that Google indexes. They can be optimized to show up on more search results pages for keywords that are relevant to your business, and they can also be tailored to obtain the first position for the Google Places search listings – more likely to get the highest amount traffic. Carefully crafting your descriptions, including brands of products that your business sells and using prime keyword phrases, is a great way to improve your rankings on Google Places. If you can obtain top level Google Places rankings, you will definitely see an increased level of local business.

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