Giving Your Site a More Local Appeal

Google-Maps-BlackberryJust because your business depends on its physical locations for a descent portion of its sales doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into developing online marketing tactics to try to capture your market share. You can still generate sales leads in a physical location from marketing online because you can target specific tactics to attract customers that are close to your geographic location.

Even though people might live close to your physical location, they may still be searching the web actively, looking for somebody that is close by who will give them the best prices for the products or services they are looking to purchase. Not including local online marketing tactics into your regular marketing operations is severely limiting your business’ potential for success.

Google Places

Taking little steps toward marketing your business online could mean significant results. This could mean starting a Google Places page for your business. A Google Places page is similar to a listing in a traditional phone book, but it is available to people who are searching for specific keywords that are relevant to your business and are geographically located nearby one of your physical locations. It’s an easy way to give people your contact information and address so that they can call you directly or visit one of your locations. Even if you don’t have a website for your company, a Google Places page could be a way to capitalize on the amount of people who are actively searching the web for products or services that you offer.

If your business does have a website, including geographically relevant content to your site like the address of your locations, directions to your locations and images of your location could be a great way to draw in local customers. You could also use meta tags for that locally specific content so that search engine spiders index your local information. This will make it so your business ranks whenever somebody uses a local reference in their search query.

For example:

You own a store that sells produce in Tallahassee, Florida. Including meta tags for Tallahassee and Florida in the coding of your site will increase your chances for ranking in search results pages on search engines when someone types in the keywords “Florida Produce” or “Tallahassee Produce” into the search bar.

If you really want to help your physical locations flourish with web based referrals, contact the professionals at Prager. Our Internet marketing firm can help you create a local web presence that will increase sales at your physical locations.

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