A Few Fall Marketing Strategies


It’s that time of year again – the leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, and the flavor of pumpkin is everywhere. So to celebrate the fall transition, why not whip up a great digital marketing idea to promote your business? Here are a few to give you some inspiration:


Get into the fall spirit by decorating your office or dressing up for Halloween. Then, take some pictures and post them on your website. You can also update your social media pages to have a fall theme.

Have an Election Day

To celebrate Election Day (the first Tuesday in November), hold your own election – have customers vote for their favorite product or service either on your Facebook page, on your website, or in your store. Enter each person’s name in a raffle, choose a winner at the end of the election, and offer them a deal on the product or service that won the election.

Hold a Contest


Get into the Halloween spirit by tailoring a costume contest to match your type of business. For example: If you own a pastry shop, see who can come up with the most creative baked good costume. Have contestants submit their photo to your Facebook page and have your followers vote for their favorite. The prize? Offer a discount, a buy-one-get-one coupon, a free product/service, etc.

Fall Crossword Puzzle/Word Search

Have your customers create their own fall-themed crossword puzzle or word search and submit it. Choose a winner and post their entry in your monthly newsletter, on your website, or distribute it to the clients on your client list.


If your business is on Twitter, have your customers tweet what their favorite thing is about fall. Make sure they include your handle in their tweet so you gain exposure. Then, retweet the winner and offer them a prize.

Logo Pumpkin Carving

A pumpkin carving contest is great if your business has a relatively simple logo. Have your contestants carve your logo into a pumpkin and submit their photo to you via Facebook. Then, have your followers vote for the best one. Offer a discount, coupon, buy-one-get-one, etc. as the prize.

Sponsor a Local Sports Game

For local schools, fall is all about football. Get in contact with your local school district and see what you can do to sponsor a football game. Not only will you get more exposure for your business, you’re likely to round up some new customers by handing out flyers, coupons, or business cards.

Hold a Sale

For one day only, offer your customers “pre-Black Friday prices” on your goods or services.

Give Thanks

In honor of Thanksgiving, send out personalized cards to each of your clients thanking them for their business. They’ll appreciate the small gesture (and may even pass the word on to their friends).

No matter what you do to promote your business during the fall, make it fun! Have you tried something that’s worked in the past? If so, share it with us!

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