Businesses Not Capitalizing on Video Marketing

video marketingOnline video is an extremely useful tool that can be used to increase the sales of E-commerce sites. When your visitors have the opportunity to watch videos about the products you feature in your selection, they will be more inclined to purchase from you because you will be presenting them with a more enjoyable experience.

Utilizing videos will allow customers to see firsthand what makes your products great. It will also give you the chance to deliver your sales pitch without having anything lost in the translation of technical specifications.


Even though video has proven to be a very effective sales tool for online marketing tactics, many businesses aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities video marketing can create. In fact, according to SundaySky, an online research company, 40% of the top E-commerce retailers have yet to establish a notable video presence in last year’s fourth quarter.

Videos that were posted onto retailers sites weren’t implemented properly, so that they could compliment the retailer’s SEO efforts as well. Almost half of the retailers that are using videos to market their products aren’t getting those videos indexed by Google’s search engine spiders and a mere 30% of the companies that are using videos have over 10 videos indexed. This is a low percentage, considering that the money that these businesses are investing into video marketing is being wasted, because these videos aren’t being given the chance to deliver the top level results that they were designed to obtain. If you have created videos and they aren’t being indexed, the potential of your videos is being restricted, because people won’t be able to easily discover them via a search query in a popular search engine.

If you aren’t using your videos properly, you won’t receive the optimum results from this type of marketing tactic.  You need to make sure that you are not only creating videos that will help you catch your potential prospects’ attention, but you are taking the time to manipulate your site so that your videos attract search engine spiders’ attention as well.

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