Brand Messaging: What Not to Do

brand messagingThere are many ways to create a positive brand image, and brand messaging is an important one. If your message strategies are weak, you may end up misrepresenting your business and more importantly, not promoting your audience to buy your products or services. When it comes to brand messaging, here’s what not to do:

Focus on Long Messages

There’s a reason people remember slogans and taglines – they’re short and sweet. Narrowing down your company’s message (or logline) to about 40 words or less will help you get right to the point of what you do. Movie companies do this to give you a brief summary of what the plot of the film is about.

When you write your logline, be sure to include what you offer and a way to make it interesting. Good example: “A real estate company that specializes in unique luxury properties.” Bad example: “We have a lot of different real estate agents that can help you find a house because we know the area and want to make sure that you find a house that you really like.”

Be Closed Off

No matter what a consumer is buying, they are looking for a company they can trust, so be authentic and personal – share the story of how you started and what got you to where you are now. A good personality is what will help you seal the deal on a sale, so fill up your “About” page (one of the most viewed pages on a website) with information about your company and how your visitor can benefit from investing in you.

Use a Lot of Buzzwords

You can probably guess why buzzwords are called “buzz” words – they’re only popular for a little while. Words like “selfie” and “cyberloafing” may be trendy now, but the more popular they become, the more unimportant they become. So, when you create brand messaging for your company, stay away from buzzwords – they’ll eventually just fly by your audience’s ears and won’t grab anyone’s attention.

Create a Disconnect

Your company may appeal to people who are all looking for the same thing, but each person is different. That’s why, when creating brand messaging, it’s important to not create a disconnect and have only one type of thinker. Instead, blend together an artist, an economist, and an engineer. You’ll get much more insight from three thinking styles than one and can appeal to a wider audience.

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