6 Digital Marketing Trends for This Year

Is Your Business in the Loop?

As marketing continues to evolve, it’s important to keep up with the trends so you can reach as many customers as possible. Here at our digital marketing agency, we’re constantly working to keep up with what’s new and what’s effective. Here are a few trends we’ve noticed so far this year:

Content Is Still King

No matter what anyone says, content is still king in the digital marketing world. Customers are still looking for relevant, informative content to educate them about the products or services that a business offers. In addition, businesses should still be focusing on fresh content like blogs and social media posts to keep good rankings in search engine results.

People Love Images

The bottom line is: people love to look at things and when it comes to digital marketing, if you have an image attached to your content (especially in social media posts), you’ll have a better chance of capturing someone’s attention and turning them into a customer.

In-Store Marketing Is Relevant

While in-store marketing may not sound digital, it actually can be. Today, 80 percent of millennials use their phones while they’re shopping in a store and 74 percent of them claim they’d be willing to location-based mobile alerts (according to Extreme SEO). This means you can reach out to them via mobile marketing while they’re in the store.

Quality Is Better Than Quantity

Our digital marketing agency has always said this – when it comes to the information you provide your audience, you should be focusing on quality rather than quantity. Not only will quality content reflect better on your reputation, but you’ll also gain a better standing with search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Infographics Aren’t Dead

It’s always hard to tell whether infographics are still relevant or if they’ve gone by the wayside, but according to the Content Marketing Institute, the effectiveness rating for infographics among B2B marketers rose more in 2016 than any other tactic – from 50 percent to 58 percent.

User-Generated Content Is on the Rise

While user-generated content is nothing new, more and more brands have turned to crowd-sourcing to enhance the quality of their content. (You’ll find this especially true on Instagram.) When you have other reputable experts writing about your industry, it increases your credibility and helps broaden your exposure.

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