Yahoo’s Next Move in User Experience

When Marissa Mayer was first made CEO of Yahoo, she set a goal to “make the world’s daily habits inspiring and entertaining.” Her vision was to make Yahoo more engaging and more personalized for its users, so much like Google’s Larry Page when he took over for Eric Schmidt, she decided to do some “spring cleaning” and will shut down several small properties starting next month.

In a post by Yahoo’s Executive Vice President of Platforms, Jay Rossiter, he said, “Ultimately, we’re making these changes in an effort to sharpen our focus. By continuing to hone in on our core products and experiences, we’ll be able to make our existing products the very best they can be.”

As of April 1st, Yahoo! Avatars will no longer be supported. If you want to keep your existing avatar, you can go to the Avatar downloads page and download it. The Yahoo! app for BlackBerry will also no longer be available as of April 1st. BlackBerry users that already have the app can keep using it, but it won’t be supported.

Yahoo! Clues, a search trends product that provides keyword searches and demographic information, will be shut down on April 1st as well, along with Yahoo! App Search – a tool that provided a list of apps filtered by category.

In addition, Yahoo! Sports IQ, Message Boards, and the Updates API will also be shut down on April 1st.

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