Yahoo Search Direct

Yahoo LogoSaving your users time when they are searching is the easiest way to get them to favor your search engine. Everybody knows the saying “Time is money,” but when you consider the significance time possesses in the search world, you could easily change this old adage to “Time is users.” The faster you present your users with the information they’re searching for, the happier they’re going to be with your search engine.

The top names in search are taking search time conservation to the next level by not only making search queries finish quicker, but by actually predicting the keywords that users are going to input into their search queries.

Google Instant

It started with Google Instant. This function would generate a list of possible keywords as users would type into the search query box. As they continued to type, their results would narrow down and become more accurate. A user could save time by not having to completely type their entire keyword phrase. All they would have to do is start to type what they wanted information on in the search query box, look through the suggested keywords, select the one that is most relevant and Google would take care of the rest.

Yahoo Search Direct

Yahoo is trying to take the concept of instant search a step further with its development, Yahoo Search Direct. Their objective is to try to provide users with a more inclusive instant search experience by not only providing them with suggested search queries, but a more customized search based on user activity and the activity of other users in their social networks. It was designed to give users a more engaging search experience that will provide more accurate search results quicker.

Yahoo’s Search Direct initiative is part of their movement to provide users with a more enjoyable search experience at an accelerated rate. They’re hoping their efforts translate into an increased user base so they can gain some ground on Google. As long as they continue to stay dedicated to providing a more inclusive, more direct search experience, expanding the amount of users that are loyal to their search engine shouldn’t be too difficult.

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