Yahoo Launches Initiative to Raise Money to Help Schools

Yahoo LogoYahoo recently announced that it will be starting a charity program called Homepages for Homerooms that is designed to provide schools across the country with additional funding that they can use for extracurricular projects that benefit the community. All the school has to do is change the homepages on all of their computers to Yahoo and list their project on If your project is chosen by Yahoo, you could receive up to $600 worth of funding for it. Yahoo is expected to give away up $350,000 to schools scattered throughout the nation.

How Yahoo Benefits, Too

This charitable action will definitely help a lot of schools improve their quality of education, but it will also help Yahoo increase their user base. Having a search engine like Yahoo set as the default homepage on computers at schools will probably influence the students who use those computers to use Yahoo for searching the web. Students will start to use the search engine more because it will be automatically loaded once the preferred browser is initiated. They will become accustomed to the features that Yahoo includes in their search results and will be more comfortable using the search engine at home. This could lead to an influx in the amount of younger users for Yahoo.

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