Yahoo / Bing Merger to be Completed By Late 2010

Bing LogoThe long-awaited merger between two of some of the world’s top search engines is set to finalize. Yahoo and Microsoft’s have agreed that they will officially complete the conjoining process closer to the end of 2010. This merger is set to make a significant impact on the search engine world in both favorability of users and the availability of marketing exposure that businesses who advertise on these search engines receive.

Google is obviously the top choice in the search engine world for the majority of people using search engines to find what they are looking for on the web, but Yahoo and Bing are closely nipping at Google’s heels, trying to get themselves in that number one spot for the most popularly used search engine. These two search engines offer a completely different search experience; each of which have their own redeeming qualities.


Yahoo LogoBing is renowned in the search world for the relevance that it has implemented in its search results. It has been regarded for its ability to produce accurate results quickly. Yahoo is famous in the search world because it presents users with an “All Inclusive” search experience. Instead of just offering users search results that can help them find what they are looking for, it also supplies them with features that can make their search more enjoyable. This includes news, stock results, email, music and more. Users who visit can still enter their queries and get the answers they need, but they can also visit Yahoo to find out what is going on with the world.

How This Will Affect Advertising

The marriage of these two search engines could make a noteworthy impact on the search engine popularity race. With Bing’s precision and Yahoo’s user friendly experience, the potential for their online success could be huge. Not to mention, pulling together their loyal users could generate the power to make a larger imprint on the distribution of attention for advertisers. With the search world being narrowed down to two major moguls, the competitiveness of the search world is bound to become a lot more exciting.

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