Word-of-Mouth Powers Search and the Web

secretThe web is changing a lot of things in the world, but one of the most important things that it’s impacting is the way we communicate and interact. This has become especially apparent in how “Word-of-Mouth” endorsements are spread from consumer to consumer. The Internet has not only made this process much easier, it has made us smarter about the things we purchase. More and more consumers are researching brands that are mentioned during regular conversation, before and after the conversation takes place.

Does Talking About It Mean They’ll Buy It?

Google has found that there are 2.4 billion conversations in the United States a day that involve some sort of brand. They also claim that 146 million of those conversations are a direct result of their services. Half of the 2.4 billion consumers say that they are likely to purchase something that they talk about. People predominately talk about brands face-to-face, but online media channels are the second most common way for consumers to share personal experiences doing business with a company. Also, our Internet marketing firm has found that many of the conversations that they are having face-to-face are fueled by information that they have found on the web. Consumers are researching what they are talking about before they mention it in regular conversations.

The study also found that during these conversations, 3.3 million brand mentions occurred in a day. Also, the search industry impacts 15% of conversations that happen during a day. This could be from consumers doing research, then talking about it with someone, or from consumers doing research after talking about it with someone. The point is: word-of-mouth is steadily becoming one of the most important elements that affect a business’ success, since people can communicate easier and can find information that inspires them to share with others easier.

As a business owner, you need to make sure that your customers are talking about you and have the means to find adequate information about your business on the web. If you want to make your business as profitable as possible, talk to the digital marketing experts at Prager. We don’t build websites – we build your business on the web. Click here for more info.

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