Twitter’s Keyword Advertising

You know those yellow ads you see in Google search results that are based on the keywords you’ve entered? Twitter recently introduced its own version.

Now, whenever you post a tweet, Twitter has the opportunity to present an ad that relates to it. For example (from the advertiser’s point of view): If you are a sushi restaurant, you could create an ad for your specials based on keywords that users tweet like “sushi,” and “Japanese.” From the user’s point of view: If you tweet something like “Having a bad day – could really use a latte,” you may see an ad pop up for a local coffee shop.

The individuals or businesses that create the ads have the opportunity to specify where they want their ads to appear – either in the Twitter user’s timeline (when they tweet a specific keyword or interact with another tweet that uses that keyword) or when they search for a specific keyword.

Some businesses that have already taken advantage of this new form of advertising are (according to BrandRepublic) Walgreens, Everything Everywhere, and GoPro.¬†Instead of focusing on a certain demographic or geographic location, those who use Twitter advertising can focus on an individual’s interest, which could be an advantage.

Unlike Google, this method of advertising is geared toward larger advertisers and since it starts at $5,000, it’s hard to predict a significant income for Twitter.

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