The Secret to Sales? Keep Your Workers Happy

happy employees

Everyone knows that a miserable employee won’t be much good at landing new sales – who wants to talk to someone who lacks passion and enthusiasm for what they do? That’s why it’s important to keep your workers happy. A happy worker will be motivated, excited, and ready to tackle the day, which leads to good client communications and increased sales. So, how do you make your workers happy?


While many companies say their customers come first, there are some that say their employees come first. These are usually the companies that prove to be very successful. When you put your employees first and make sure that they’re taken care of (and feel taken care of), you’ll motivate them to be loyal and passionate about what they do – which means they’ll strive to bring in new customers and to keep them happy.

New Hires

When you bring someone new into the company, remember that it might disrupt the interactions of employees who have been there for awhile. While you may need a fresh face to shake things up, you don’t want to hire someone who is going to clash with the others on the team. That said, try to put aside the one-lane road of hiring for technical skills and pay attention to attitude – your current employees will be much more relaxed and  In order to succeed, a good attitude is needed for both coworker and client relationships.


Everyone needs a break from work and a chance to build their communication skills. Try planning an outing or event (whether it’s weekly, monthly, or annually) that gets your employees out of the office and into a fun environment. Some examples are bowling, happy hour, karaoke, trivia night, or an annual company picnic. An outing will not only give your employees something to look forward to, but will give them the opportunity to meet and connect with other people in the company.


Employees want to know that they’re trusted. They also don’t want to be doing the same thing over and over every day. Give them some freedom and you’ll find you have very happy employees. Try to switch up assignments on a regular basis to keep things fresh, and every once in awhile, let them do something that they want to know. If you show them you trust them enough to be themselves, they’ll repay you by bringing a good attitude to their work.


A little feedback can go a long way. Whether it’s to a new employee or one that’s been at the company for a decade, it’s always good to provide someone with your genuine thoughts. It not only shows that you care about their efforts, but it gives them motivation. If your employees have worked hard to complete a project, praise their success. If there’s room for improvement on an assignment, say so – just handle the delivery with care; you don’t want to discourage them from trying again. Either way, your employees will be thankful you took the time to notice their labor.

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