The Perks of Working at Google

Google began as a search engine research project by two Stanford University students. Today, with the help of over 30,000 intelligent and motivated “Googlers,” the global company has made breakthrough moves to improve the user search experience.

So how does Google reward its employees for contributing to such a successful company? I think it’s safe to say that working at Google is quite different than any job you’ve ever had (especially one at an Internet marketing firm). At each Google office throughout the world, you’ll find casual, creative workplaces bustling with ideas and brainstorming.

Visual Appeal

While each location is different, they all work to create a culture for their employees that promotes inspiration. Google’s signature colors (red, blue, yellow, and green) are all over the place – on walls, couches, bean bag chairs, artwork, desks, sculptures, you name it. And geometrical shapes are scattered throughout the office in the forms of squared couches, round chairs, triangular lamps, and more.

Brain “Exercises”

Employees are encouraged to exercise their brains and learn something new by working together, listening to guest speakers of various professions (politicians, journalists, Nobel prize winners, etc.), or reading in the library on base. The “Googleplex” (Google’s largest corporate headquarters in California) even features a baby grand piano. Employees also encouraged to exercise their bodies. On location you’ll find exercise balls, weight rooms, yoga classes, pilates classes, massage chairs, and personal masseuses.


Of course, Google also provides the technology to make work life a little easier: Conference rooms are wired with power adapters, projectors, and converters, and there are tech support staffs always on hand to help rectify any issues. Oh, and let’s not forget the commute shuttles that are wired with wi-fi…

Not Your Ordinary Cafeteria

When it comes to food, lunch in the corporate world can get a little redundant – but not if you work at Google. In the cafeteria area, you’ll find pretty much any type of food you can imagine, from sushi to freshly-made salads to pasta dishes; it’s all gourmet, free, and available for you to eat as much as you want. Google even works to make sure their food options are healthy and nutritious.


At the end of a hard day’s work, employees can unwind with aquariums, Foosball tables, pool tables, chessboards, slides, and more.

So I’d say if you’ve got the smarts, go submit your resume. Until then… what’s your favorite thing about working for your company?

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