The New Features of Mountain Lion

Get ready, avid Apple fans. This month the tech company plans to release its next Operating System: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. With it will be up to 200 new features – everything from notes to app controls – and a price tag of $19.99 (if you’re upgrading your current OS).

Here are the most exciting features and how they work:

Power Nap
The Power Nap feature is named quite literally – it powers up while taking a nap. As your Mac sleeps, it’ll periodically update your email, contacts, reminders, calendar, and various other applications. It’ll even download software updates and make backups when it’s connected to a power source.

Notification Center
Modeled after the Notification Center on the latest iPhone iOS 5, this feature gives you all of your email messages, software updates, calendar alerts, and more in a neat, dark grey list on the side of your screen. Don’t worry – they disappear quickly so they won’t interfere with anything you’re doing.

Gatekeeper is Apple’s latest way of protecting you from downloading and installing malware. It lets you control where you allow your applications to be downloaded from (Mac App Store, Mac App Store and identified developers, or Anywhere).

With this feature, “talking is the new typing.”  Dictation converts words into text, so even when you say “period,” you’ll get a punctuation mark. Plus, you don’t need any voice training routines. The more you use Dictation, the more it’ll recognize your voice characteristics.

Game Center
Game Center is also modeled after the iOS 5 version of the application. You can access your iOS account or create a new username with your Apple ID. Then, start a multi-player game with your friends – even if they’re using the iOS version.

AirPlay Mirroring
A big step in the tech direction, AirPlay Mirroring lets you stream anything from your Mac to your Apple TV. It’ll even stream the audio.

Apple has incorporated a Share button throughout its apps so you can easily share photos, messages, notes, links, emails – anything – instantly.

iCloud is already on the Mac OS, but this updated feature gives you a way to sync your Mac with your iPhone, iPod and iPad, so when you change something on one device, it’ll automatically change on the others.

Safari 6
Apple’s Safari browser is being updated with a Chrome-like “simple search” field, a new Tab View, a page-suggestion feature to help you find what you’re looking for faster, and it can save entire web pages (not just links) to your Reading List.

The new OS is rumored to be released July 25th, so keep your eyes peeled and credit cards ready.

And if you’re not a Mac person, tell our Internet marketing firm why!

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