The Effects of Google Universal Search

Google LogoWhen someone wants to search for an image on Google, they may think that finding images is like finding search results. This is definitely not the case anymore.

Back in 2007, Google launched a feature called universal search. Universal search incorporated data from non-link sources to create search results. This means that Google incorporates extra aspects of data, such as video, maps, shopping advertisements and especially images into their search results to create better listings for users. These types of listings are embedded with keywords and data that allows Google to rank them within a search results page.

The Google universal search revolutionized search engines by making Google more efficient for users. Video benefited the most, increasing significantly in activity during 2010 and 2011. Image listings saw the second most increase in activity (which makes sense because web develops and users are realizing that people aren’t searching for just text-based media).

Update Your Standard Information

In today’s fast paced online world, it’s becoming more apparent that standard forms of information aren’t catching user attention as effectively as videos and images. What this means for businesses that are marketing themselves online is that if you aren’t offering your visitors this type of media on your site, you could be not only losing their attention when they arrive on your site, they might not even find your site in general, because you aren’t ranking in image or video search results. Give our digital marketing firm a call today and get your business an increased amount of exposure and search traffic.

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