The Bing Application for iPhone

Bing Logo 2As an attempt to cut in on the mobile search market share that Google has harnessed by being the default search engine for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, Bing has recently updated its search application. This update was designed to “iron out” some of the previous problems that were featured on the original application. The idea being that if Bing can provide mobile search users with a more enjoyable and easier to use search experience, maybe they can persuade iPhone users to ignore the default Google application and use Bing for their mobile searches.

Microsoft’s update for the Bing application includes a support feature for first-generation iPod touch users and some stability fixes that have made it operate smoother. This part of the update is thought to increase the application’s ease of usability. Microsoft is also believed to include some design updates as well with the application.

Making Search Easier

The Bing update wasn’t simply an aesthetic update. It also included a variety of features that were designed to make searching on your mobile device much simpler. One of the most important features that the update made available was the ability to bookmark selected content. This includes maps, directions, websites, search terms, weather reports and more. The application will keep what you have bookmarked on file and you will be able to access it again later, from either your mobile device or the Bing homepage on a personal computer.

Parental Controls

Parental controls have also been made available for the application, which will give users whose might have children using the application on mobile devices peace of mind. You can adjust it to not include inappropriate content in search results. The SafeSearch setting on this application allows you to activate a passcode that will need to be entered for the parental locks to be removed, so that you can be sure that if you have children using the application to search, they will be protected from adult content.

The list of newly added features also includes the ability to bring up your search history and the ability to use private searches as well. The update for the Bing application is expected to make choosing which mobile search engine to use more difficult, but will it gain enough momentum to actually challenge search engine giant, Google? We will just have to wait and see.

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