Startup Advice from PeopleLinx’s Co-Founder

startup adviceAs a digital marketing agency based in Philadelphia, Prager likes to keep up with news about Philly businesses and/or business owners. We found out recently that┬áPatrick Baynes, the co-founder and general manager of PeopleLinx, was a speaker at Startup Grind Philadelphia (an event designed to “educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs”).

As a true Philly entrepreneur, Baynes had some good advice for those aspiring to start their own business.


PeopleLinx was created as a way for Fortune 500 firms to track and analyze how their employees are using LinkedIn. Baynes, who is only 29 years old, was one of the earliest employees at LinkedIn who pioneered the company’s customer affairs and internal training. He and Nathan Egan (also a LinkedIn employee) decided to create PeopleLinx in 2009.┬áThe company, based in Center City, Philadelphia, raised $3.2 million last March and recently began incorporating Twitter into the practice. It has evolved to now teaches its Fortune 500 firms how to use social media for their marketing.

Here are some aspects of entrepreneurship that Baynes has touched on:

On investment…

When you’re delivering a pitch in hopes of landing an investment opportunity, Baynes advises to keep it human. While you can deliver PowerPoint presentations all day, make it a point to focus on your story, since it connects a theory with the human element.

On location…

Choosing a location for your startup is important. Baynes says that Philly is a great place to begin – the network of people in the area are tightly-knit and “real,” which is ideal for starting a company.

On becoming an entrepreneur…

Baynes says “make sure your behaviors line up with your goals.” In other words, make sure you know what you need to do in order to achieve owning your own business, then do it.

On employees…

Hiring people who actually want to go to work everyday and want to work with each other is a great first step for building a culture. Make sure your employees get to know each other and learn how to help each other.

On social media practices…

Baynes believes that the social media practices that are growing and that PeopleLinx teaches will become commonplace in the near future. You should empower your employees to use social media and become your company’s “brand ambassadors.”

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