Will Smartphones Have an Impact on Search Engine Popularity?

Mobile SearchThe increase of the popularity of smartphones has a major influence on the development of search engine popularity; Google has a strong hold on search engine popularity, but as smartphones become a more common choice for online users, will Google’s search esteem remain intact or will the search engine market become a little more competitive? Only time will tell.

Smartphones’ Search Engine Preferences

AT&T wants to be a major controller in the mobile search engine game. It has for a long time been a major contributor towards Google’s mobile search popularity. One of their most popular smartphones, Apple’s iPhone, exclusively came with Google features like Google maps and YouTube as standard applications. But AT&T recently launched the Motorola Backflip, which comes with Yahoo as its default search engine. There also have been rumors that the next generation of Apple’s iPhone won’t include Google as its primary search engine.

Microsoft is designing a line of Windows-powered phones that come with a Bing hardware key, which of course is their brand’s search engine. With the simple push of a button, users will be directed to Bing for their searches, which will include searching the web, image searches, maps, shopping and more.

With this considered and the popularity of phones with online accessibility increasing, it would be foolish to say that mobile searches won’t have an impact on the popularity of search engines. As users start to search for hand-held internet devices, mobile carriers like AT&T, cell phone manufacturers like Motorola and software developers like Microsoft will have a huge role in deciding which search engine is going to come out on top of the mobile search popularity battle. But one thing is for certain, the competition between the most popular search engines for mobile dominance will definitely mean one thing for users: more state of the art features, better adaptation to mobile browsers and a more enjoyably convenient searching experience.

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