Small Businesses Are More Important Than You Think

small business importance

Many consumers give their business to large, corporate stores and overlook the small businesses that are in the area. But despite the numerous jobs and money that large businesses bring to the area, small businesses are important too. Here’s why:


Small businesses have only 500 or fewer people, and many are often more creative than those who would work at a large corporation. Perhaps that’s why small businesses average 13 patents more per employee than corporations (according to the Small Business Administration). If you’re looking for innovation, you’ll be more likely to find it at a small business.


Small businesses account for 99% of all the employers in the country and employ more than 50 million people nationwide. The many jobs that small businesses create help keep the economy in a good state.

The Payroll

Small businesses create jobs and also pay a good chunk of the paychecks earned every year by U.S. workers. The SBA says 44% of an annual U.S. payroll is paid out to employees by small businesses, which stimulates the economy. Workers who get paid can then spend their money on necessities, which keeps the economy flowing.

A Solid Presence

When the state of the economy fluctuates, small businesses are usually able to fluctuate with it. This is because small businesses often have a loyal customer base that will support them through tough times. They also have less revenue than larger companies, which means they have less to lose in an economic crisis.

A Sense of Importance

Anyone who has worked for a small business knows that the business relies heavily on its employees. This triggers a feeling of importance in many employees and can create a happy environment to work in. Not many corporations can say that.

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