Should Yahoo Fire CEO Scott Thompson?

Just a few months ago,¬†Scott Thompson stepped up as Yahoo’s CEO after Carol Bartz was fired and already, he’s facing quite a controversy.

It seems as though the 54-year-old former president of PayPal was found guilty of a falsified resume that says he holds a computer science degree from Stonehill College in Massachusetts. While he did take a few computer science courses, the college didn’t offer a computer science degree until the early 1980s (Thompson graduated in 1979), so not only is the degree a lie – it didn’t exist. So far, Thompson has declined comment, so the world doesn’t know if he actually made up the degree or if it ended up on his resume and he never corrected it.

So is this a big deal? Well, it’s not the first time a CEO has had a resume hiccup: RadioShack CEO David Edmonson lied about the two degrees he earned and resigned from his position when the fact was exposed, and Bausch & Lomb CEO Ron Zarrella had to give up over a million dollars in bonus compensations when the public found out he didn’t really have an MBA. Yahoo’s hedge fund, however, (called Third Point) feels that the mistake “undermines his credibility as a technology expert.”

So far, the public is torn. Some say that the fluke doesn’t really matter and that Thompson is still a well-qualified CEO, while other say that someone in such a powerful position should be penalized for the falsification. Either way, we can all understand that it’s a tough situation for Thompson to be in, given that the company is struggling.

What do you think? Should Yahoo fire Thompson?

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