Panda Update Limits eHow’s Web Visibility

eHowGoogle’s Panda update has been getting a lot of attention, and for just cause. It has made a major impact on the search world because it tremendously changed how one of the largest search engines creates its search results pages.

Panda reinvented Google’s definition of credibility, has affected the traffic flow of millions of users and has single handedly altered the fate of sites all over the web. With one fell swoop, Panda has transformed the web into a much safer, much more relevant place for Google users, but it’s costing one site in particular a significant amount of their web visibility.

eHow’s Troubles

eHow has been a very useful resource for a lot of users on the web. It provides people with step-by-step instructions on how to do a variety of things, including how to change a bike tire, how to use a French press, how to juggle and everything in between. Through its impressive amount of content, eHow was able to obtain top level rankings for a multitude of keywords on Google’s search listings, but since Panda has been released, its web visibility has decreased by 42%. This decline undoubtedly has had a huge impact on the site’s search traffic and advertising value.

What Happened?

Google has demoted this site because the quality of their content is very low. Panda has raised the standards of the content that websites feature. Without quality content, your rankings will suffer, which will cause the traffic flow that is referred to your site from Google to decrease. If you are looking to maintain your rankings, our Internet marketing firm experts know you need to focus on the quality of the content you are presenting to your visitors. Take the time to really engage the users who are looking for information, avoid keyword stuffing (over using keywords for the sake of SEO) and be aware of your website’s bounce rate. These factors could determine whether or not your site is easily discoverable by Google. Ignoring them could bring failure to your online marketing campaign.

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