Opera Looking to Expand User Base

Opera-LogoThe competition between web browsers to attract users is one of the most exciting arms races you could ever observe. Every day, different browsers are designing new types of technology and implementing different functions to make their web exploring experience more enjoyable than their competitors. They are looking to reinvent the standards for everything from privacy, browser speed, functionality and even site compatibility. The more inclusive web browsers can be with the experience they deliver, the higher the chances are that they will expand their user base and claim more of a stake in their industry. Our digital marketing experts know that all it could take is one strong developmental concept and the browser world could shift significantly.

Opera 11

Opera has always been considered a “second-string” web browser, when compared to big names like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, but the engineers at this web browser are working frantically to try to develop some comprehensive products that could thrust it into the web browser spotlight. With the release of its newest version, Opera 11 (also codenamed “Barracuda”), this “side stage” browser is looking to make some pretty substantial advances in the web browser world. Opera is focusing mostly on the ability to synch your settings, bookmarks, widgets and other features on your mobile browser (Opera mobile 11 or Opera mini) and your desktop browser (Opera 11). This will give you a universal web browsing experience, whether you are on your mobile internet device or you desktop.


They are also looking to expand users’ abilities by offering them API’s that will allow them to design their own applications. This will give users the ability to design programs that will contribute to the overall efforts of the search engine, which will strengthen the mobile experience Opera Mobile 11 and Opera Mini delivers.

Opera is looking to take the next step as far as functionality goes by implementing these and other developments into their web browser. They are hoping that their end product will be strong enough to really draw in some loyal users that will become passionate about Opera. If they are successful in doing this, Opera could really start to nip at the heels of the more major names in search.

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