On Being a Good Marketing Client…

marketing client

You’ve probably read countless articles on being a business that’s efficient, reputable, affordable, fair, and more (basically being a “good” business), but have you read much about being a good client? While it’s important to find the right marketingy agency for your business, it’s also important to be a good client for the agency.

But what do we mean by “good client”? Here’s some insight:

Respect and Courtesy

As a marketing client, you’ll expect the digital marketing agency you’re working with to treat you with respect and to be courteous to your needs. In return, you should also be respectful and courteous to them. In other words, treat them the way you would want to be treated. Yes, you’re paying them for their services, but when you show some appreciation, your agency will reward you by going the extra mile.

Open Doors

In order for your digital marketing agency to create a customized solution for your business, they’ll have to know exactly what your business is all about. That’s where you can help. As a good client, you can open your doors to the agency; help them understand your culture, employees, goals, company voice, and anything else that will give them an idea of who you are, what you do, and why you do it.


When scoping out an agency for your business, you should know what you want them to achieve for you (and if you don’t, they should be able to help you figure it out). Once you’ve decided on your intentions, make them crystal clear to your marketing agency. When they know exactly what you want, it’ll be easier for them to help you achieve it and it’ll be easier for you to determine the quality of their work.


Your digital marketing agency’s job is to help your business get more customers, so trust them to do their job. If you’re not open to changes or new suggestions, you may not be as successful as you could be, so put your faith in the experts. In addition, make an effort to connect with the people you’re working with. If you like them and they like you, you’ll find that the whole marketing process will go smoother.

Client Spotlight

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