Newspapers Websites’ Traffic Soars

NewspapersAs a definitive indicator of the impending end of print media, Nielsen Online has recently discovered that even though newspapers all over the country might being seeing fewer subscriptions each month, the traffic that is filing into newspaper websites is significantly high. With the accessibility people have to a variety of news sources online, newspaper sales have decreased dramatically.

Millions of New Visitors

Overall, newspaper websites were able to draw in 74.4 million new visitors in the first quarter of 2010. That was 37% of all internet users. That is a 2 million visitor increase from last year’s last quarter. Those 74.4 million people viewed 3.2 billion individual pages and spent 2.3 billion minutes on newspaper sites. It is becoming a more prevalent way for people to get their news.

Why It’s Bad

This is very bad news for two types of people in the world: people who use newspapers as their primary source for advertising and paperboys who are saving up to buy new bikes. It can be a very easy transition for businesses that are depending on print newspapers for exposure to switch their operations to online marketing. In fact, a lot of the local newspapers that have websites still offer advertising space online. But this is the perfect opportunity to expand the horizons of your business and dedicate more of your time and marketing resources to your online efforts.

At our Internet marketing firm, we know newspaper websites can be a great way to promote your business. The probability of your advertisement getting noticed is very high, because people tend to visit these sites every day. Posting an advertisement in the classifieds or even purchasing some ad space on the site itself might be an investment that will pay off for your business.

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