New Google SERPs Available on Mobile Searches

Google-Mobile-IconGoogle maintains its position as one of the most popular search engines by constantly updating its search experience and making it more enjoyable for users. This constant evolution is absolutely necessary, if Google wants to stay ahead of the competition for search engine popularity. Recently, Google has released a new format for its search results pages that includes a variety of tools that are designed to make searching faster and more accurate.

Mobile SERPs

At our Internet marketing firm, we know that adapting to current technology trends is important. Recognizing what is going to be significant in the world of your users and tailoring your services in accordance to that significance is essential if you want to be the best. The momentum that mobile searching is building cannot be overlooked. More and more people are using their mobile Internet devices to search the web every day, as things like smartphones become more obtainable. That is why Google’s new search engine results pages (SERPs) features are going to be available not only for people searching on their home computers, they can now use its mobile format to get more accurate, more inclusive search results.

iOS and Android

Google’s Universal Search features will be supported by two of the most popular mobile operating systems, Apple’s Iphone and any Android powered device. Users who have these devices will reap the benefits of more intricate search results. Included in the list of standard search results will be a left hand navigation bar that will give users the option to refine their search, so that they can find exactly what they are looking for. This navigation bar allows users to choose variables like “only sites with images”, “news” or even gives users the options to be able to sort through the information in the search results based on when it was posted on the web.

Providing mobile search users with the tools they need to find the information they want quickly is going to help Google maintain its top spot as the most frequently used search engine. Accommodating mobile searching, which is an online movement that our Internet marketing firm knows will only continue to grow, will only add to the arsenal of features that Google has developed for its users. It’s evident that Google will remain dedicated to making searching easier and more accurate for users not only at home on the web, but anywhere else as well.

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