Mobile E-commerce: Shopping on the Go

BarcodeMobile Internet devices are becoming a major part of how we view web sites designs. The increasing popularity of the ability to visit any site on the web, no matter where we are, is a development that will affect how businesses (including our Internet marketing firm) plan for the future.

Initially, many businesses will respect the influence it has on the web and begin to create specific mobile versions of their website for users to interface with, while others will remain skeptical about its power, until it is too late for them to take full advantage of the advent of this opportunity. The truth is, mobile internet users are always going to be looking for businesses who are adapting mobile versions of their site, because it solidifies a business’ dedication for customer service, no matter what the circumstances.

Mobile Devices Expected to Increase

The domestication of mobile Internet devices is expected to increase as we head into the future. It is projected that the number of mobile internet users is expected to increase in 2010 from 4.6 billion users globally to 5 billion.

Consumers are getting so used to the idea of mobile Internet devices that they are actually accounting for a percentage of the E-commerce transactions for online sales. More and more people are finding it suitable to complete E-commerce sales from the convenience of their smartphones or other mobile internet devices, because it’s easy and because there is a lot more websites making the transition to E-commerce sites that have mobile capability. There is also an increased confidence in the security of mobile browsers, which has given users the chance to explore the online E-commerce world and purchase whatever they like.

If you are running an E-commerce site and it isn’t mobile compatible, you are missing out on some potential mobile sales. There is a virtually untapped resource of consumers who are looking for your products on their mobile internet devices. Not offering a mobile compatible E-commerce site could be restricting your business from reaching the next level of success. Contact our Internet marketing firm today.

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