Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer LogoMicrosoft has the constant responsibility to reinvent itself to deliver the type of functionality that users demand. To accommodate this demand, Microsoft is launching the newest version of its very popular web browser, Internet Explorer. The newest version of this browser, Internet Explorer 9, is expected to be released for download on March 14th, 2011. This version is supposedly Microsoft’s last version of one of the most commonly used web browsers available.

Only a limited amount of information on the new features of the web browser has been released, but due to the increasing competiveness of the web browser war, Microsoft is going to have to pull out all stops to impress users. Other browsers like Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox are constantly drawing users away from using Internet Explorer. Where they once had a stronghold as the most popular web browser on the market, Internet Explorer is steadily becoming obsolete, as Firefox surpassed it by obtaining a significant amount more users. Chrome is dangerously close to having more users as well, and is eventually expected to overtake Internet Explorer’s second place position in the web browser popularity contest.

As Internet Explorer continues to fall from the public eye, Microsoft is hoping that its new version will help the browser regain the popularity it once had. One of the major problems with Internet Explorer is that it being so common at one point has made it susceptible to malware. In order for the browser to stay competitive, it is going to have to increase the amount of security it provides users with. If it continues to stay on its steady decline, Internet Explore could become one of those outdated programs that have faded into the background after a successful run at the top.

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