iPad Could Change Google’s Top Spot Value

iPadAt our digital marketing firm, we know the search engine optimization world revolves around one key concept: obtaining the first position on a search results page on Google for a keyword that is relevant to your site. The first listing is valuable because Google is the most popular search engine on the web.

When users complete a search query and are presented with a search results page, they usually click the first listing that is presented to them because it is usually the most credible and most relevant. Capturing the top spot in Google has been the “white whale” for web developers and SEO companies alike, but it is being discovered that for tablet pc’s, this position might not be as valuable as once suspected.

According to a study conducted by Chitika, the functionality of tablet pc’s, like Apple’s iPad, could have a negative impact on the value of Google’s number one search result listing. Chitika found that the top organic position on Google’s search results originally received 34.5% of all search traffic. They surveyed the amount of iPad users that were referred from Google’s top spot and discovered that it accounted for only 20% of the search traffic, which is surprisingly low, considering that 78% of tablet users are searching on the web for information.

Why the Low Search Traffic?

This low number of search traffic could be because the result of a few different variables. For starters, the layout that search results are presented to users in when they search with their iPad. With the Google navigation bar that includes suggested search queries (should the user misspell the keywords they enter) and the standard Apple address bar at the top of the screen, the first link of the search results page can sometimes be overlooked by users.

When you combine this with the ability to scroll down the page rapidly with a swipe of your finger, you get a result that leads to a lot of people overseeing the first link that is being presented to them, which also leads Google’s coveted first position becoming less valued.

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