How Google Glass Works

Google glass is the latest product from the worldwide Internet company and, being technologically advanced, is a little mind-blowing. So how does it work? We know that you wear the product like a pair of glasses and that a tiny screen shows up in front of your eye, but we decided to dive deeper to figure out how Google’s engineers achieved this.



Let’s start at the beginning: Google glass is Bluetooth- and WiFi-equipped and features a 5 MP camera (that can record video in 720p), a microphone, speakers, 16 GB of flash memory (with 12GB available for storage), and a battery. You may be wondering where all of these things are… well, the camera is the small dark dot that you see at the front of the CPU (the colored arm piece on the right that runs the length of the glass), the battery is at the back of the CPU, and integrated in between are the speakers and the microphone.

How It Works

The engineers of Google glass have created a tiny projector that channels an image of information into the prism (the small piece of glass) in front of your eye. That prism then takes the image and redirects it toward your eye. The image isn’t opaque, however – you’re able to see what’s directly beyond it without it completely obstructing your view. You can adjust the “glasses” on your face to determine where in your line of sight that you see this image (whether it be directly in front of you or in the upper right-hand corner).

What You Can Do with It

Because you’re using a hands-free device, Google glass relies on vocal commands. You can say things like “take a picture,” “record,” “share,” “send a message,” “search,” etc. to tell the glass what to do. You can even have it translate your words into a different language and view directions right in front of you when you sinc it with your phone’s GPS feature. Along the CPU arm is a touchpad where you can scroll and select options manually.

There are already some third party apps for the glass in development – among them are an app that lets you find your friends in a crowd and one that allows you to dictate an email.

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