Google’s ValueTrack: Monitoring Mobile Search

Mobile SearchMobile Internet device popularity has influenced a movement of mobile-based advertising that is taking business’ online marketing campaigns by storm. Suddenly, “mobile advertisements” has become a keystone to the vocabulary of almost every marketing director in every company across the world. Businesses who want to stay on the cusp of development with their marketing campaigns are starting to implement advertising tactics that are specifically designed for mobile browsers only, like the ones our Internet marketing firm offers. As consumers continue to purchase smartphones that have online capabilities and other mobile Internet devices, the demand to design effective online ads is becoming exponentially more valuable.

Analytics for Monitoring

As these businesses are launching “mobile only” advertising campaigns, naturally they are going to want a way to monitor the effectiveness of their efforts. Google has designed an analytics program that does just that. ValueTrack is Google’s solution to the questions you have about the success of your mobile advertising operations. This program was originally designed to give users the ability to keep track of the specific amount of clicks an advertisement would receive from either search or from the Google display network, but it has been tailored to also have the ability to decipher how many clicks you received from your mobile ads.

How It Works

The way the program works is that it adds a designated tag to every URL. When you implement mobile Valuetrack parameters to a destination field while you are creating the ad, the analytics program will be able to count the amount of clicks that you receive. A re-direct can be implemented into the ad, which will bring whoever clicked it to your business’ mobile optimized website or you can add a third party tracking application. In order for the tracking program to work properly and generate the correct amount of clicks, it has to be Google-ad traffic.

This development is sure to give businesses the confidence they need to start to construct online marketing operations that include mobile marketing. Our Internet marketing firm knows the sooner you can adapt these tactics to your marketing campaign, the sooner you can start to refine them, so that they can retrieve more results. But one thing is for certain, it seems that mobile access to the Internet is here to stay, so you should do everything you can to make sure that you are prepared to move into the mobile age of the internet.

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