Google’s AdMob Breaks Down Mobile’s Ad Details

GoogleIn order to analyze the importance of increasing mobile advertising efforts, Google has recently published the information that was collected by a program it created called AdMob. This program monitors the amount of times a mobile advertisement is requested from smartphones and other mobile Internet devices and can even decipher the location of where the request for the advertisement was made. This program first began collecting information on mobile advertisements in 2008, which was when mobile search and mobile advertisement made its first noticeable impact on the Internet world.

Mobile Ad Demand

Since 2008, our Internet marketing firm knows the demand for mobile advertisement has impressively increased. In fact, it is quickly becoming a media that a lot of businesses are targeting marketing efforts towards. As more consumers purchase smartphones and other mobile devices, the market for mobile advertising continues to grow exponentially. This is clearly proven by the amount of advertisement requests that come from mobile devices. In May of 2008, mobile devices requested 22% of all online advertisements. Google’s AdMob discovered in May of 2010 mobile devices accounted for 46% of the advertisement requests on the web.

Apple’s Contributions

iPhones and iPod Touches were responsible for 1.3% of the requests for advertisements in May of 2008, but in 2010, iPhones, iPod Touches and Android headsets requested 42% online advertisements. There were only 27 countries in 2008 that were requesting 10 million mobile advertisements a month. Now, there are over 92 countries throughout the world that are demanding for that many online advertisements via mobile devices.

The increasing popularity for mobile advertisement requests is expected to grow, because new smartphones and other mobile internet devices are being created every day. As they become more and more available to consumers, their influence on our Internet marketing firm and the Internet marketing industry will continue to become more substantial. Businesses need to start creating specific advertisements that are designed for mobile use if they want to continue to make their online marketing campaigns successful. If you are neglecting the power of mobile advertising, you are not taking advantage of 46% of online users.

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