Google Suggestion: Making Mobile Search Simpler

Our Internet marketing firm knows that when you are searching the Internet using your mobile phone or other online mobile device, the faster you get results, the more favorable you are going to be towards using a specific search engine. Google understands this concept completely. That is why they have made the Google Suggestion tool available for mobile web browsers.

Google Suggestion is a resource that makes searching quicker and easier. Simply start typing what you want more information on into the search bar and Google will activate a drop down menu underneath it that will suggest things you might be searching for. This way, instead of having to completely type out your search interest, all you have to do is identify what you are searching for in the Google Suggestion box and click it.

For example:

You are interested in finding out what the circumference of the earth is. All you would have to do is go to Google and type in “Circumference”. You’ll notice a drop down menu that appears right underneath what you have typed in the search bar with a bunch of suggestions of things that Google thinks you are looking for, including “Circumference of a Circle”, “The Circumference Formula” and a “Circumference Calculator”. But also in that list will be “Circumference of the Earth”. All you have to do is click that suggestion and the search results will instantly appear.


Google has made this function available to mobile browsers to make an impact on user’s mobile search engine preference. It has recognized that mobile searching is going to become a pretty influential element to the search engine popularity contest and as a result, they have launched this tool to try to sway mobile users to stick with using Google for all of their mobile inquiries. It will save users from the strain of having to type their entire search phrase and will save them time with searching. Again, the faster a search engine can produce results and the easier and more enjoyable the search experience is, the more likely the mobile search users will begin to construct a loyalty to using a specific search engine when searching on their mobile device.

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