Google Shopper Application Released for iPhone

Google ShopperAt our Internet marketing firm, our avid Apple lovers have enjoyed Google’s variety of iPhone applications that are designed to make their web searching experience simpler and much more enjoyable. Recently, the search engine giant has released an application called Google Shopper for iPhone users that is expected to make browsing for the lowest prices and availability for products much easier.

An Increase in Mobile Shopping

It is becoming apparent that more people are not only searching the web with mobile internet devices, but people are actually doing their online shopping with them as well. At the very least, they are doing research on the products that they are looking to purchase on their mobile devices and getting the information they need. These types of shopping applications have become very popular because they give users a functionality that could end up saving them a significant amount of money. All you have to do is run the app, conduct a search of the products you are looking for or scan a barcode of a product that you are looking at and it will generate a list of reviews, locations and prices where you can purchase them. It will even recognize the packaging images on the outside of the product, if the barcode isn’t accessible.

Google’s app isn’t expected to include any ground breaking features that would help it stand out amongst other shopping applications, but the fact that it is branded by the biggest name in the online world and that it is free to download will surely attract mobile device shoppers to use the application.

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